Unexpected snow

Well it was unexpected for me anyway. I am skiing tomorrow with someone who has not been to Wengen before and, hoping that the mountain offers the best conditions over the weekend for this first time visitor, I had ignored the weather forecast for today and looked only at tomorrow and Sunday.

I expected it to be sunny today, for no good reason. Even on the way up to Central Sport, I was hopeful still. There was cloud hanging in the valley, but the peaks were visible. I expected the cable car to pop out of the clouds into glorious sunshine.

We did breach that layer of cloud, only to find a higher layer, which wasn’t going anywhere. A grey morning turned to snow at lunchtime.

                                                         Bumps T bar in the afternoon snow

As the afternoon went on, the snow became heavier and was falling thickly as the lifts closed. This winter still has more to offer.

A day of fresh snow, with some powder on piste late on, brought 8,190 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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