Some sun

I had been looking at the forecast for today since mid week.  It had promised a sun filled day, but the morning dawned cloudy and fairly miserable. Still, the Idle Skiers were away early for a meet-up at the cable car and an attempt to beat the Saturday crowds.

We were well ahead of most skiers in fact and the crowds never did show up.  Even the ski clubs stayed away mainly. The sun finally make an appearance in the late morning, though the Eiger remained lost in cloud until well after mid day. The poor weather lurked in the valleys during the afternoon and late on, the ski to Innerwengen was murky and very cold. 

                                                                Clouds in the afternoon 

I have said before it might be busy the next day, but it seems likely to be true tomorrow. The hotel minibuses were buzzing around the village this evening and Central Sport had a queue for ski hire not seen previously this season.

A cold day with fresh snow on the ground brought 9,702 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

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