Crowded mountain

The sun shone brightly for much of today. In the morning, the sky might have been painted into place, a flawless blue over the white mountains.  

Wengen saw a rush of people today. It wasn’t like the February holidays of most years, but after the quiet skiing of the last few weeks, it seemed a crowded mountain.  How many were on day trips and how many are here for the week will be revealed tomorrow, a day which is forecast to be cold again with some sun. 

                                                                     Blue skies

Many years ago the Idle Skiers took a few trips to Colorado, where the days were often sunny, but with snow at night. An ideal combination, which Meteo Swiss seems to promise for Wengen over the next couple of days.

Today, a few clouds turned up in the afternoon, but an almost perfect skiing day marked by long lift queues brought 7,070 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and and 40 kilometres travelled.

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