Is it springtime?

The temperature has been up and down the last couple of days. Yesterday was warm, but this morning distinctly chilly on Mannlichen. Later, it was as warm as yesterday. Is it springtime? Possibly, but the weather might change again before we know it. Here’s hoping; we need another few weeks of winter.


                                                                        Occasional cloud

It is meant to be the busiest week of the season. In fact, the number of skiers fluctuates like the temperature. The queues for Central Sport and the cable car were long this morning, but well spread out, so it didn’t seem too much time before skis hit snow. On the hill some lifts were busy, but others without custom at all. Honegg in particular was pretty much deserted.

Some unthreatening white clouds showed up from time to time in an otherwise clear blue sky. A mainly warm day brought 8,999 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled

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