It has been cold for many weeks, thankfully, and the the Idle Skiers’ have felt winter’s bite on the mountain.  The secret to staying warm is to layer ski clothing. For the Idle Skier, most of January was a five layer month, along with hand warmers in the gloves. 

Just recently, it has been milder and today started as a three layer day. Frankly, the scale rarely drops below that for the Idle Skier, even in April. This afternoon, the sun disappeared and the wind picked up a little. It became a three and a half layer day (gilet added at lunchtime). It might be part of the weather forecast (“some snow, light winds, four layers recommended”).

                                                               Late afternoon 

I was away fairly promptly this morning, just in time to run into long queues both at Central Sport and the cable car. Mrs IS followed on fifty minutes later and missed both queues. Despite the early crowds, it wasn’t that busy on the mountain and as the light faded in the afternoon, the skiers disappeared as well. Later on, the sun made a brief reappearance.

A slightly warmer day brought 8,149 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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