Standing room only?

It was the warmest day of the season and it was busy as well.  The queue at the cable car this morning was lengthy, reaching almost to Central Sport. It took an hour from opening the ski locker to putting skis on snow.  

Was it the busiest day of the season?  Probably.  It wasn’t quite standing room only on the slopes though and there were quiet pistes.  The social distancing measures slow down everything and after so many weeks empty of people, any sort of crowd seems far too many skiers for comfort.  It is easy to forget how crowded sunny Saturdays have been always.  

                                                                 Towards Grindelwald 

A day of many skiers, but probably no more than any sunny weekend in February in years past, brought 8,386 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 42 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Standing room only?

  1. So like a normal saturday but with covid restrictions.
    I’m sure the queues and everything still feel strange.
    In a plus side in england it’s also warm and had a wengen lunch in our cabin, ie dried hams and cheese.


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