From where now?

It was warm again today and on the sunniest slopes, the moguls appeared by mid day. This weather looks set to continue for several days at least. It is great spring skiing, but it is still only the last week of February. We need a change of weather very soon.

                                                                Afternoon sun

The early queue at the cable car vanished without trace on the mountain yet again. It is very quiet. From where now, or more importantly, from where next season, will the skiers come? The Swiss seem to have rediscovered Wengen. There have been many first time visitors from within the country’s borders these last few months and the village can take heart from that.

British skiers have been long time stalwarts of Wengen, but have been missing for most of the season of course. Will they be back next time around? It is difficult to say with confidence that will be the case. If, come the autumn, someone sneezes in Penzance, it seems possible that everyone as far as Newcastle will be prevented from catching a bus, never mind a plane to Switzerland, vaccines notwithstanding.

Dutch, German and Irish skiers also feature heavily in Wengen’s line up of customers. Will they be back? The Netherlands seems unhappy with its current state of affairs and I suspect a nation of travellers will want to return as soon as possible. Germany and Ireland seem to have disappeared from the radar, at least as far as the Idle Skier can see, so it is difficult to say. Only time will tell of course and ultimately all will depend on whom the Swiss authorities are willing to let into the country. It doesn’t seem that this whole business has run its course yet.

Despite everything, the skiing remains magnificent. The day brought 10,374 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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