Platinum lift

It was colder today.  The Idle Skier ventured to Grund and even there the snow was in good condition.  As always though, the weather is fickle.  It had seemed that the temperature might drop for a while, but the next few days seem now set to be warm.

When I passed through the new terminal building at Grund, I noticed again the door to the VIP lounge. The only thing which might make this place more like an airport would be a couple of jets parked outside. A VIP lift pass, needed to access the lounge, brings with it free drinks and snacks, before boarding a private car on the Eiger Express.  This platinum luxury comes at the bargain price of 18,000 Swiss francs a year for two people. Incredibly, there seems to have been little difficulty in selling the tickets. 

                                                                       On the Eiger Express 

It was quiet enough today that for the more reasonable price of a season ticket (or a day ticket for that matter), skiers had their own car anyway, although without the added hospitality.

A chillier day of good snow and almost luxury travel brought 10,655 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

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