The First ski area is a featureless bowl above Grindelwald.  On a bright day, it offers great skiing. When the cloud is down, a compass is useful. Perhaps the best features are the long runs back to Grindelwald, Bort in particular taking skiers to Grindelwald station almost; that is, when there is some snow on the run, which is not always the case for this sunny piste.

First is due to close on 5 April, but I have heard a couple of times in the last few days that it may happen sooner, with the lack of paying skiers being the reason.  The Idle Skiers have not been over to First this season, or last season for that matter. Last year, the snow was poor in the Grindelwald valley and the runs back to town were not open.  This year, our horizons have diminished, as I mentioned a while ago, and skiing at First seems about as likely as skiing on Mars. Still, it would be disappointing, if the rumours are true, for the area to close early. Perhaps we need to make the trip over there quickly. 

                                                               At midday 

It has been a sunny day, but colder again. It has been quiet. The run home from the top of Wixi was more or less deserted. The day brought 10,594 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

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