The wind blows

One day balances another. After one of the best days of the season yesterday, the wind blew today. By early afternoon, the chairs were being stored on the Eigernordwand lift.  Wixi was closed also and I am not sure it opened today at all. Bumps was closed when I passed by just after 4.00pm, but it may be that it shut bang on time. It wasn’t troubled by the wind certainly.

It was grey early on, but then the sun emerged from behind the clouds and hung around all day, uncertain whether to shine properly or disappear completely.  The wind was warm and the pistes suffered.  Below Allmend, conditions were porridge like.

                                                          From Honegg in the afternoon

This evening, it is raining hard in the village, but tomorrow, hopefully, the sun will shine and it will be colder. A warm, stodgy day brought 10,202 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 53 kilometres travelled.

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