Day of days, briefly

The 9.45am cable car took eighteen people to Mannlichen. The wind had died away overnight and heavy snow arrived in its place. It hadn’t felt very cold on leaving home, but on the mountain we were back in January.

As I clicked into my ski bindings for the first run of the day, the sun broke through the heavy cloud. Briefly, it seemed like it might be the day of days. Then the cloud returned and but for a short respite in the early afternoon, that was that.

                                                          Near Honegg

On Wixi, the snow was as heavy as any time during this winter.  It seemed to become still colder as well and it was a five layer day without doubt.  I was wearing three layers and was cold to the bone on arriving back in Wengen. 

A January day in the middle of March brought 7,934 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 44 kilometres travelled.

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