The most snow?

I was asked today if this winter has seen the greatest snow fall the Idle Skiers have experienced in Wengen. I almost said yes in answer, but then remembered the winter of 1999, when the Cafe Oberland was destroyed and the owners killed. That year, the top of the village was cordoned off for some time by reason of avalanche risk from the Mannlichen cliff face. A risk which eventually became reality when the old cable car was hit a couple of weeks after the tragedy at the Cafe Oberland.

So this winter doesn’t come close really. However, it has snowed for days on end now, save for the occasional interlude. I have just checked on the balcony and it is still snowing lightly despite some late afternoon sunshine.


                                                              On Mannlichen, between snow falls 

The various groups of Polish skiers were on the mountain again today, determined to make the most of their week in the Swiss alps. They haven’t had much sunshine as yet, but perhaps tomorrow.

Another day of heavy snow brought 6,301 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

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