Avalanche season

It has snowed for what seems an eternity.  It feels like winter on the mountain still just now, despite a sunny morning, but it will be warmer over the next few days. Yesterday, an avalanche hit the far side of the Eigernordwand lift, on the way to the White Hare off piste run.  Skiers, or boarders possibly, were caught up in the falling snow, but all survived.  It is likely to be the first of many avalanches over the next few weeks as the largest amount of snow for many years meets Spring weather  

                                                               Early sun, distant cloud

On a great morning for skiing, I was away early to the warm sunshine on Mannlichen. As the day went on, the clouds scooted over the mountain yet again and the temperature dropped dramatically.

A sunny morning and a chilly, cloudy afternoon brought 10,601 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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