Without any doubt, today was a glorious Spring day. The sun shone, the snow sparkled in the reflected light and it was warm for the first time in weeks.  

There were a few more people around to enjoy the day – the 9.30am cable car was at its revised capacity of fifty people – but measured by any other winter it was extraordinarily quiet still.  

                                                              Blue sky over the Berghaus

Mrs IS was on the mountain later due to Pilates commitments, but she arrived to find the skiing at its best.  In the afternoon, the lower part of the Wixi piste was softened by the sun, but there were not sufficient numbers on the slope to create much of a mogul field. The downhill course to Innerwengen was as good as it gets .

Another great day brought 10,060 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.


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