Superlatives exhausted

It has been another wonderful day. It is difficult to say more about it. It was only on Friday of last week that we were still freezing on the mountain. Today was warm.

The Idle Skiers were on the cable car, which was more or less full, just before 9.00am. The snow was fairly crisp at that time, but the skiing was still great and remained so all day.


                                                                     Plum Pudding hill in the morning

We toured the Mannlichen-Scheidegg circuit. Mrs IS called it a day at lunchtime, but I took the cable car back to Mannlichen for another ski around the sunny pistes.

Was it the best day of the season? That is impossible to say. In this difficult winter of few holiday makers and poor times for the village, the skiing has been at its absolute best on so many days.

The day brought 11,426 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 62 kilometres travelled.

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