The shape of things to come

The Idle Skiers are back in old London town, a couple of weeks earlier than planned. The Schengen area rules required us to leave Switzerland before 30 March and we gave ourselves a few days leeway.

We travelled to Zurich yesterday and flew into the U.K. today. The last 24 hours have shown the shape of things to come. Last night, in the Radisson hotel at Zurich airport, we needed a plug adapter. The receptionist said they would send one up to the room. A few minutes later the room ‘phone rang and a metallic voice asked us to open the door. “It sounded like a robot” I said to Mrs IS, before opening the door to find a robot. It was a R2D2 look alike.

However, it hadn’t brought the correct adapter. We sent it on its way (by pressing the “decline” button) and R2D2’s younger brother headed towards the lifts.

Today, in the lengthy border control queue at Heathrow, a large group of young Japanese, clad head to toe in hazmat gear, didn’t attract a second glance from other travellers.

Putney in the rain

The Idle Skiers are now confined to barracks for ten days of isolation. We have suitable reading; The Wooden Horse, The Colditz Story, The Count of Monte Cristo and so on. Tunnelling starts tonight.

A brilliant ski season, with more snow than could have been imagined possible before its beginning, brought 921,712 vertical metres in 2,057 lift rides and 5,098 kilometres travelled.

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