Cricket, lovely cricket

“Cricket, lovely cricket” is a line from a calypso song written in 1950.  There is little that is calypso about the weather at the moment. Apparently, we are on course to have the most rain in May since Noah built his ark. 

Still though, the cricket season has been underway for some time. The first class counties are several games into the Championship season (there is a need to get the real game out of the way quickly, so that money can be made in high summer playing a form of rounders). Clubs too have been playing the game for a month or more.

Today, Arundel Castle cricket ground, one of the Idle Skiers’ summer bolt holes, opened to spectators for the first time this season.  Mrs IS was kept in London by Pilates commitments, but I made my way down the country roads of Surrey and Sussex for an 11.00am start. 

                                      Arundel under threatening skies

The rain stayed away for a change. The sky was threatening from time to time, but for the most part, the sun shone through. A brisk wind kept the large crowd well wrapped up.

The summer game is here, even if summer weather is a speck on the horizon, with more games to watch in the next few days. To borrow from another Caribbean song, I don’t like cricket, I love it.

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