All at sea

Back when Drake was still playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe, or so it seems, the Idle Skier spent some time sailing. Somewhere along the line, things got in the way of time at sea. The office, skiing, pandemics; that sort of thing.

Until today that is, when after more than a decade away from the ocean waves, I spent a day on the Solent with the Phoenix Yacht Club. It was a trial sail, to see if it worked for both the club and for me.

It has been pretty miserable weather in England so far the late spring and early summer and the crew, five of us, turned up ready for a day of squally weather. Instead, the sun emerged. In the morning, the sea was flat and the breeze light. Things picked up a bit in the afternoon, with a strong, cool wind to accompany the incoming tidal stream.

We headed out from Gosport and past the tip of the Isle of Wight, before heading home again. it was a crew heavy on experience for this short trip, with a yacht master and at least two other qualified skippers on board, but the day was relaxed despite all the top brass. Light to moderate winds brought 23 miles travelled on a busy day off the south coast.

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