On the beach

It has been a hot, sunny day in Southwold.  Thirteen months after our planned trip to the Suffolk coast, we have finally made it here. Life in this small seaside town is not back to normal yet, but a couple of days after the main half term holidays have ended, the beach has been busy and the high street buzzing.

                                                                The pier at Southwold 

This morning, our journey to the coast saw Isaac Newton’s fourth law applied. Less well known than his other laws, it is none the less immutable. Simply, whatever effort is expended in seeking to travel from Putney to Southwold in three hours, the journey will take four hours. Not even a 6.00am start can change this law, as we discovered today. The main impediment was a hedge trimming tractor making a stately progress on the A12. There was also an emergency bacon sandwich stop at the Orwell river crossing cafe.

Last week’s weather forecast, for the test match at Lord’s, didn’t hold good entirely. The forecast for the East coast this week is set fair. Hopefully, the forecasters will be correct this time.

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