Join the queue

We are three days into the Lord’s test between England and India, and it is turning into a cracking match. Mrs IS joined me this morning for what has been the best day’s cricket in a long time. England were all out in their first innings on the last ball of the afternoon and take a slender lead into the fourth day.

The crowds are back at Lord’s, which for the members, means a prompt start to the day to find a good seat. The queue begins to form at the Grace gates in the very early morning. Reputedly, when the Australians are in town, the first people arrive at 5.00am. I have never felt the need to check the veracity of this story. Whoever is the opposition though, by 7.30am the queue stretches the length of St John’s Wood Road and into the Wellington Road.

Join the queue

Those who head the queue bring folding chairs, flasks of coffee and bacon sandwiches. By early afternoon, it has been a very long day for many people. Eyes close and heads nod in the afternoon sun.

For the next two days however, it will be best to stay awake as a good finish is in prospect.  On Monday evening, it will be over. Any longer in NW8 and I would be paying the local council tax.  

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