In Wengen

The Idle Skiers returned to Wengen today, after the best part of four months away.  The village is busy. The train from Lauterbrunnen mid-afternoon was nearly full. There were plenty of people on the streets and more were arriving when we went back up to the village to reacquaint ourselves with the Co-op. 

                                                       Early evening 

The journey here was much as normal.  Our plane and various trains departed and arrived almost on time and we reached Wengen pretty much when we expected to arrive.  The trip felt slightly different though.  We have been filling in forms and garnering certificates for days, to prove our liberty to travel, and I suppose there was a niggling concern that at some point we would not have the correct piece of paper to proceed further.

We are here though, with the paperwork filed away for next time. The weather forecast for the rest of the week isn’t very good, but it is good to be back. 

One thought on “In Wengen

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Is,
    Glad to see that you have made it back to Wengen!
    I trust that all is well and hope you enjoy your stay.
    From the Skiing Taylors


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