We chose a fairly easy walk today, to ease us back into things, heading down the hill to Lauterbrunnen, along the valley to Stechelberg, back again to Lauterbrunnen and up the hill to Wengen. On the way we had a couple of brief stops. The first was a vending machine, located outside a small farm in the valley. It offers cheese, eggs and a few other things. The eggs are as fresh as possible. From where they are laid to the point of sale is perhaps ten metres.

The second stop was for lunch at the Trummelbach falls cafe, a regular halt for us in summer. They have the best sandwiches in Switzerland, as I have mentioned before.

Towards Stechelberg

When last night I checked the weather forecast for the next few days, it was pretty pessimistic. However, it is always possible to find a better forecast. Meteo Swiss, which is usually reliable, promises some decent weather to come. Tomorrow, we venture onto the tennis courts.

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