Schynige Platte

It was dark this morning when the Idle Skiers emerged from under the duvet.  The lights were soon on at home, along with, I am sure, those of our friends and neighbours with whom we were undertaking the walk from Schynige Platte to First. 

The 7.13am train from Wengen saw us at Schynige Platte station just after 9.00am.  There were a few other walkers at this mountain top station, but it was pretty quiet for an August day. The weather probably kept a few people away.  There had been torrential rain last night and clouds still hung to the mountains.

                                                            Near Schynige Platte station 

The walk was as demanding as ever, with just over sixteen kilometres of often steep terrain. The small mountain hut, shortly before the half way mark, was a welcome sight. As always, the last stretch from the lake below Faulhorn to the gondola seemed much longer than memory allowed.

Having worked up a pretty good appetite, we are eating at the Baeren tonight. Right now, at about 6.30pm, our 8.00pm table seems quite distant.

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