Above Murren

I headed over to the Murren side of the valley this morning. It was a second solo trip this week, Mrs IS having slipped on the tennis court yesterday.  The muscle she pulled in her back is bruising up nicely.

A prompt start on the path to Lauterbrunnen saw me at the cable car for Grutschalp before 10.00am.  From there, I took the path up through the trees which leads eventually to Allmendhubel, via the top station of the four man chair from Winteregg.  

The start of the walk, through the trees and across the first stretch of pastureland, is steep and a short, sharp shock to the system, but after half an hour at most, it becomes an easy path with magnificent views across the valley.

                     A late summer’s day

It was a beautiful late summer’s day, sunny but quite cool at the high points of the walk. As it always seems to be, the path was quiet. In Murren, the cable car for the Schilthorn had a few customers, but I took the opposite route to Stechelberg. The trip back along the valley to Lauterbrunnen seemed as hot as the Gobi desert and I headed gladly for the station rather than the path to Wengen.

That is it for our trip to the Bernese Oberland in the summer of 2021. This evening, we have visited the doctor’s surgery for yet another test each and have been dealing with the additional paperwork necessary to get near an international flight to the U.K. Tomorrow, we head for London.

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