Season’s end

Mrs IS’s birthday celebrations continued apace today with afternoon tea for friends, who descended on Pall Mall from far and wide.

I took the opportunity to head for Lord’s cricket ground, where the last match of the season, a five day county match for the Bob Willis Trophy, got underway.  It is intended to be a showpiece event, but really it is too late in the year for that.  Warwickshire are playing Lancashire, the latter county losing the toss this morning and being put into bat in difficult conditions. They were rolled over pretty quickly and probably only the weather can save them now.

                                   Season’s end

The weather today was chilly and at times very wet, so we have come full circle from the cold and damp start to the season in April.  The country as a whole has moved on since then of course.  In the spring, the populace was still cowed by the virus and people gave each other a wide berth on the street.  This week, without the slightest worry as to social distancing, they are fighting each other in garage forecourts over the limited amount of petrol available.  Real progress, I am sure you will agree.

The Idle Skiers should be on the road on Saturday, but with 150 miles to cover, it is doubtful at the moment whether we can make the trip without one of us having to push the car.

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