Still talking about the weather

I have promised several times over the years to stop talking about the weather.  The fact is though that most of what we do is dominated by the sun, or lack of it, and precipitation, be it rain or snow. It might be too wet to play tennis or go to the cricket. Sailing is beset by too little wind or too much wind. Occasionally there is too much snow to ski and the mountain is closed for avalanche risk. 

In this neck of the woods, it is rarely too cold to ski, but today offered a decent shot at changing that. It was extremely cold and this morning a brisk wind added an interesting wind chill.  Yesterday, I worked up to four layers over the course of a couple of hours.  Today, I went straight to that solution, along with inner gloves and hand warmers. 

                                                     From Lauberhorn 

The skiing was really good though. In the afternoon, when the few skiers around had mostly headed for home, the wind dropped and for a while it seemed almost warm.

The day brought 7,357 vertical metres in 28 lift rides and 42 kilometres travelled.

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