Stormy weather

There have been bigger snow falls in Wengen, even in the thirty or so years we have been skiing here, but I doubt there has been many years with much more snow in mid-December than just now. It had snowed overnight again and this morning, the skies were grey and laden.

                                               Snow laden trees

Heavy snow fell for most of the day and a cold, stormy wind blew as well. The Eigernordwand lift closed for several hours. Despite the weather, the light on Lauberhorn and Arven was okay for much of the afternoon and the skiing was as good as it gets.

On the way to Wengen late on, the snow became heavier. This evening the roads are deep in snow. Tomorrow, we may need snorkels to leave home.

Another memorable ski day brought 6,283 vertical metres in 27 lift rides and 41 kilometres travelled.

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