Only the skiers were missing

Today was as good as possible for a December ski day. The sun shone, it was cold but not desperately so and the snow squeaked underfoot. The holidays are upon us, but the skiers were missing, which was the only incongruous aspect of this glorious day.

The cable car was full to its still reduced capacity (fifty people) and running continuously, but the skiers disappeared into thin air from the top station. I was on the 10.00am cable car and Mrs IS joined me forty minutes later. We travelled empty pistes. Even the gondola from Holenstein was quiet.

                                       From Wixi on a cloudless afternoon

In the afternoon, over at Scheidegg, it was quieter still. The sun shone on Wixi until it slipped behind the peaks at about 4.00pm, still wonderfully bright.

A great ski day brought 9,373 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 53 kilometres travelled.

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