Familiar faces

I have mentioned before in this blog that, at this time of year, familiar faces arrive in the village like fresh snow. They drift in, gathering in the corners of familiar watering holes, as if they had never been away.

This winter, though, the skiers have not just turned up as if it were start to any old season.  They have arrived gasping with relief.  For some, their absence has not been the span of one summer, but almost two years. Sadly, there are many others who have not yet made it back to Wengen.

                                 Towards Birg and the Schilthorn 

Despite some missing faces, the village seems busy. Besides the regular visitors who have succeeded in making it here, there are a few new ones, who might in other winters have been in the Haute Savoie or the Tartenaise. Still though the mountain is quiet. This will change surely after Christmas.

Another sunny day, mild with a few clouds in the afternoon, brought 10,568 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Familiar faces

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Is unfortunately we couldn’t make it as two colleagues tested positive for Covid 3 days before departure and didn’t want to take the risk of having it and testing positive abroad.
    We so looked forward to going and meeting up with lots of friends. Have a safe and happy Christmas.


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