So here it is

A quick trip to the U.K. last weekend has thrown my time keeping out of order and Christmas Day has arrived more quickly than expected. Here in Wengen, the holiday seems to have caught everyone by surprise and the skiing is still amazingly quiet.

A sad old day was forecast, but it turned out slightly better than expected. It was as quiet as yesterday on the mountain. Tomorrow would be busy normally, but with a poor weather forecast, who knows.

                                    The Eiger in the afternoon

Tonight, rain was forecast for the village. So far it has held off. It seems difficult to believe after the snow filled start to December, but a little more snow would be welcome just now. The Inner Wengen chair was open for the first time this season; that is always good news, but the snow was bobbled and scraped all the way from just below Bumps T bar to the chair lift.

A slightly shortened day brought 8,756 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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