Some rain fell

Well the plague of frogs didn’t show up, but they would have felt at home if they had done so. It was raining hard in the lower part of the village this morning. Early on, the snow line wasn’t that far above the village and there was some fresh snow on Mannlichen. However, as the morning progressed, the temperature rose and rain fell at all altitudes.

                                 From Eigerletscher

There was no semblance of a queue at the cable car this morning and the cars were running at fifteen minute intervals. A few people braved the rain, but the hill became quieter with the passing of each hour. I stuck it out until mid-afternoon, by which time I was a puddle on skis. My gloves, which seemed to weigh several pounds each by the time I reached home, will dry out some time next week probably.

A very wet day brought 6,650 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 36 kilometres travelled.

Today will not make the top one hundred of skiing days ever. It might struggle to make the top 10,000.

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