Only one queue

The rain stopped finally some time last night and although it was grey yet again first thing this morning, it was not long before blue sky appeared and the sun arrived as well.

With the weather looking good for the day, the queue for the cable car was intimidating. Shortly after 9.30am, it stretched almost as far as Central Sport. In fact it wasn’t too bad. The number of people in the terminal was limited to a cable car load plus one more group and the cars were running continuously. Twenty minutes was all it took to reach the top station.

                                       Early afternoon

On the mountain, the skiers disappeared yet again and the pistes and lift stations were quiet. The skiing was good, particularly on Mannlichen in the morning. By mid-afternoon, the pistes most exposed to the sun were covered in soft moguls as if it were mid April. Honegg and Wixi were the principal culprits. The run back to Innerwengen was pretty nigh perfect though.

A typical spring day brought 8,197 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 44 kilometres travelled. There does seem to be some prospect of winter returning next week. Fingers crossed.

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