Still one queue

Mrs IS was away well before me this morning.  I decided to ring a U.K. energy supplier in the mistaken belief that I could sort out their inflated bill some time before the century ended.  After an hour in the seventh circle of hell which is their telephone help line, I gave up and headed up to the village to join the queue for the cable car.  It was a long queue as well, stretching past the entrance to the Central Sport ski depot. After 40 minutes or so, I was on the cable car.  

                                      Cable car shadows

Again though, that was the only real queue of the day and by early afternoon the mountain was fairly quiet. The south facing slopes suffered in the sun once more. The Hundschopf was a series of giant moguls. After that, the run to Innerwengen was as good as ever.

Now, fairly late in the evening, the fireworks have started. Up in the village, the party will be going strong, although it is doubtful us old curmudgeons will see it through until midnight.

A shortened day brought 6,961 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 39 kilometres travelled.

Happy new year everyone.

One thought on “Still one queue

  1. Dear Mr and Mrs IS, may we wish you ha Hapot New Year and hopefully a better 2022!!.
    It’s 14 degrees and 11pm so more like summer than winter, we are spending the night in our log cabin with a fondue bourginion.


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