World Cup

In less than two week’s time, the World Cup ski circus should reach Wengen. The usual weekend time table of a combined race, the Lauberhorn downhill and a slalom, has been adjusted.  In theory, we have a Giant Slalom on the Thursday of race week (a race twice postponed from other resorts), a downhill on the Friday, the “real” Lauberhorn downhill on the Saturday and the slalom on the Sunday.

Which all sounds good.  However, in most race years, the village and the mountain are by now a hive of activity. Whilst much of the spectator infrastructure is not being built this year, there seems still a marked lack of work on the course.  There is much to do and little time left to achieve it all.

                                            Late morning sun

Although it was colder this morning, it rained still for a few minutes this morning.  Then the sun showed up and it was a warm afternoon with moguls almost everywhere. The forecast remains that it will snow tomorrow, but just at the moment, on the balcony, it is 11.6 degrees.

Another April day in January brought 7,404 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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