A better day still?

This blog has exhausted the superlatives dictionary on previous occasions, but the truth is the last couple of seasons have seen some of the best skiing we can remember in thirty or more years.

Today was another exceptional day. Was it a better day still than yesterday? It was sunnier, with a flawless blue sky, colder, as quiet and the snow was fantastic. However, there was something special about yesterday, with the snow fallen freshly and the skies clearing slowly, and so yesterday holds on to first place in the race for the best day of the season.

                                                 Blue sky day

This morning I managed to reach the mountain without any diversions. The cable car wasn’t full of people quite, but it was full of enthusiasm for the day ahead. It is Tuesday of a working week, so the crowds never built up. There is race training on the Lauberhorn, but by the time I reached that part of the mountain, the World Cup teams had gone home. The only signs of the imminent races were some workers on the course and a few sets of race skis outside the last chalet before the Hotel Brunner, on the edge of the village.

Yet another memorable day brought 11,248 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 61 kilometres travelled.

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