End of the day

It is Sunday evening and the last day of the Lauberhorn weekend is over. Already, the race courses and the spectator facilities are part dismantled.  In a few days there will be little evidence that anything happened here this last week.

The local fans had to be content with one win over the four days.  Lucas Braathen of Norway won today, beating Daniel Yule of Switzerland.  The Swiss racer’s fan club seemed to take it well though as late in the afternoon they invaded the Co-op in boisterous mood in search of more beer.  It might be a quiet start to to the week for many Swiss businesses.

                                            More blue sky

This morning seemed colder than the last couple of days. There was a chilly wind to accompany the blue skies. The mountain was quiet yet again. The slalom takes place in the natural amphitheatre that is Innerwengen and the best views are achieved on foot, so there were few skiers heading for the race. All in all, perfect skiing conditions.

A slightly shortened day of quick skiing brought 10,899 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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