Best made plans

The vagaries of life play havoc with the best made plans. Mrs IS has been laid low by illness this last fortnight. No, not the virus, as you ask. For a week or so, I was employed in a nursing capacity, but was sacked eventually due to rank incompetence. Mrs IS is out and about a little these last few days, but it will be a while before she is taking on the Lauberhorn downhill course.

Our much anticipated trip to Banff in Canada, in theory only a few days away, has been postponed until February 2023. I doubt we have ever planned this far ahead before, but needs must.

                                                  Above Holenstein

On the mountain, things remain pretty much the same; quiet, sunny, moderately cold, fantastic skiing conditions. It is about time it snowed again. The forecasts vary, but in a few days there is a chance the white stuff will be falling from the skies once more.

I have been back on the hill for four shortened days which have brought 27,237 vertical metres in 58 lift rides and 156 kilometres travelled.

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