Sunday crowds

It was busy this morning, at least early on.  There was a queue at the cable car, not too lengthy, but the first for a while.  There were a few racers about, or at least they were racers in their imaginations. For an hour or so, it was best to keep a lookout for wannabe national downhill team members.

This was all a bit of a surprise.  The day had dawned cloudy and unpromising.  On the way up to the village, it started to snow and looked set for the day.  At Central Sport, however, I was told there would be sun at Mannlichen, and so it turned out.

                                                    Skies clearing

We will see tomorrow, but most of the skiers might have been here for the weekend.  By early afternoon, it was quiet everywhere on the mountain and the run to Innerwengen was near perfect yet again.  The next few days promise cold weather and heavy snow.  However, who knows really?  Around here, it is best to see what the top of the cable car offers.

Another top drawer day brought 8,648 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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