Some new snow

It has snowed today, quite heavily.  It was forecast, but you never know for sure until it happens. I was in the village early this morning, at about 8.00am, and there was blue sky over the Lobhorn and most of the Murren side of the valley.  By the time I was on my way home, fifteen minutes later, the clouds were closing in.

Snow was falling by 9.30am and when I reached Mannlichen, a full blown storm was in the offing.  Lager lift was closed by high wind; it opened later in the morning and then closed again by mid-day.  However, it all made for a great day’s skiing, with fresh powder on the pistes.  The run to the mid-station at Holenstein was perfection.

                                         Lager lift

In the afternoon, visibility was at a minimum.  The snow was falling hard enough to rattle like hail on the Wixi chair covers. The mountain was pretty much deserted.

The village had been transformed during the day and late on was a picture postcard ski resort.  On the way home, I slipped on ice covered by new snow, landing on my rucksack.  The Co-op sour cream did not survive the experience.  Mixed with the ingrained remains of the squashed banana from earlier in the season, I am working towards a novel and interesting pudding.

A stormy, magnificent ski day brought 7,319 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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