It was a winter’s day today.  It was very cold and more snow fell.  It didn’t snow as much as forecast, but the accumulated fall over the last couple of days has closed some runs below Tschuggen for avalanche risk.  I haven’t checked where the current conditions sit on the scale (the on piste skiing is either open or, as below Tschuggen, it is closed) but I am sure the risk is high. The risks might increase tonight with more heavy snow forecast, but just now all is quiet and we seem to be in the eye of the storm.  

                                                   Above Holenstein

There were a few people around this morning. The 9.45am cable car left the platform full, but without any queue at all to get through the barriers. The ski schools were doing good business and some of last season’s Polish skiers have returned. By early afternoon though, the mountain was deserted yet again.

Yet another fantastic skiing day brought 7,333 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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