Better than forecast

The weather apps forecast a cloudy, sunless day today, but from early on it was clear the weather would be better than that.  At 8.00am, there was blue sky everywhere and the sun could be seen working its way around the mountain.

There was a semblance of a queue at the cable car and a few people on the piste, but it wasn’t busy. The temperature shot up during the course of the morning, so that even the Idle Skier, not noted for feeling warm on the mountain these days, went from four layers to three layers.

                             Eiger in the afternoon 

As the day wore on, some light clouds rolled in, but there was still a semblance of sunshine. The pistes were good all day and the lack of skiers kept the moguls at bay, even on Wixi. It wasn’t the best day ever, but it was better than forecast and that was enough.

The day brought 8,102 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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