Warmer than expected

It was minus three degrees on the balcony this morning and I was expecting a fairly chilly day on the mountain. Hence I staggered off to the cable car under five layers of clothing and with hand warmers at the ready. As it turned out it was mild, warm even, for most of the day. It is however easier to cool down from being to warm than to warm up from being too cold.

It was busy as well as warm and with the weather set fair for a few days , it may get busier still. Gone are the days when people arrived on a Saturday and left on a Saturday. There were new skiers in the Central Sport ski room both yesterday and today.

                                    Plum pudding hill in the afternoon 

As ever, it quietened down in the afternoon. At 1.00pm the Berghaus terrace was packed and it seems many skiers made it only as far as the cable car after their lunch stop.

Although the day was warm, the skiing conditions were exceptional yet again and brought 10,470 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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