Elegant variations

As expected, it was busier still on the mountain today. Early on, there was a twenty minute queue at the cable car and each of the Mannlichen lifts required a degree of patience. This gave me chance to mull over an article from yesterday’s London Daily Telegraph.

Comparing the Beijing course with Kitzbuhel and Wengen, our local hill was described as having ”elegant variations”. I have been trying to give that phrase some meaning. Over the years, the Idle Skiers have skied a number of the World Cup downhill courses. Beaver Creek, Whistler and both courses at Val d’Isere spring to mind immediately. All have something memorable about the course, from the densely packed trees at Beaver Creek to the unforgiving steepness of the Face de Bellevarde at Val d’Isere.

The Wengen course is the longest by some distance and has the most dramatic scenery. It also has the drama of the Hundschopf and the magnificent finish to the race. Elegant? Yes, if only for the beauty of the surroundings. Heart stopping, certainly, for the racers anyway.

                                              Blue skies and sun

As well as busy, it was warm again today, with sun and blue skies from the outset. Another good day brought 11,042 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

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