Expectations fulfilled

A busy day on the mountain was expected today, and so it came to pass. I was away early and on the cable car before the inevitable queue formed, but the skiing hordes had made it on to the mountain already via Grindelwald.

Often on busy days, there are long lift queues but the pistes seem quiet. Today was crowded everywhere. All round vision was essential as World Cup wannabes were out in force, tearing up the pistes and doubtless hoping that the nuisance skier ahead would move out of the way before being mowed down.

                                          Blue sky day

It was a blue sky day today and tomorrow will be the same. The high street this evening was crowded, more so than for several years. That means another busy mountain tomorrow. From Monday, there is more snow forecast, so we will see what difference a change in the weather makes to the lift queues.

A crowded day brought 10,200 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.

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