Standing room only

I suggested the other day that Wengen might have standing room only this week. That seemed to be the case today.  An early start meant that the cable car queue was not long, but by mid-morning the mountain was crowded beyond belief.  I am sure it has been like this at half term always, but after more than a year with few skiers around, this morning was a bit of a shock to the system. 

I tried everything to find a few square metres of empty snow, so that my lift rides this morning took me from the cable car to Wixi and back to Lager in the course of a couple of hours.  Only the Tschuggen T bar offered any kind of sanctuary.

                                       Evening sun

Lunchtime brought a change, as always seems to be the case these days. By 1.00pm the mountain was quiet and remained so for a couple of hours. That was until the long lunchers decanted themselves back on to the pistes in the late afternoon and headed for Wengen at breakneck speed.

A busy, busy day brought 10,062 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

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