Snow, thankfully

It was snowing hard early on, which was good news. We don’t really need much snow at the moment, after the big fall a few days ago, but, after yesterday’s incident packed afternoon, it was good to have something to slow down the crazies.

It was straight on to the cable car this morning, without a queue at all. A few ski school classes turned up mid-morning, but they made little difference to the empty mountain. The weather changed more or less on the hour. First thing, visibility was pretty good given the heavy snow, but then what light there was disappeared and the snow came down harder still. At midday, the sun turned up briefly before the cloud returned at ankle height.

                                           In the afternoon 

Later on in the afternoon, the snow stopped, the skies cleared and there was magnificent skiing for a couple of hours.

A day of all weathers, quiet, with magnificent snow, brought 7,966 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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