Few skiers

On the high street this morning, at about 9.15am, there were many people about to go skiing, or so it seemed. I rushed to the ski room at Central Sport, expecting that by the time I had collected my skis there would be a long wait to reach Mannlichen.  I then walked straight on to the cable car.

For most of the morning it was quiet, with short lift queues for the chair lifts and plenty of seats on the gondola from Holenstein.  

The crazies were around though, inevitably. A skier cartwheeled past me on Mannlichen, followed by his skis and poles. Incidents such as this one always give you a clue to the skier’s nationality, in this case some pretty ripe Anglo Saxon indicating a British skier.

                             Clouds behind the mountain

The weather forecast today was for uniform cloud. A strongish wind, which kept the Honegg chair closed, meant a sunny day in the end. The forecast for tomorrow, across a range of websites, ranges from poorish to diabolical. Only time will tell which is correct.

A day which was sunnier and quieter than was expected brought 10,747 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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