Weather changing

There was a longish queue at the cable car this morning.  I was perhaps ten minutes later than usual and it makes a difference.  However, the cable car company has been working on its “A” game and things moved quickly.

Early on, the sun shone again.  Cloud moved in the late morning and by mid-afternoon it was grey and the light was flat.  The weather looks set to change, for a day at least.

                                Grey afternoon

Meteo Swiss forecasts sleet imminently for Wengen and snow during the night. There might be some sunshine in the morning, but we will see.

The arrival of clouds today presaged an exodus from the mountain and by the end of the day the skiing was quiet yet again. The village this evening had some buzz to it though, which has to be good.

A busy, sunny morning followed by an afternoon which was pretty much the opposite in both respects brought 8,579 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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