Mountain maths

I was away promptly this morning and straight on to the mountain without any queue at the cable car.  The sun was shining and all looked good.

It was cold though.  Early on, the temperature on the balcony was minus five degrees, add to
that some more altitude and add also the wind chill and that equals some pretty cold skiing.  

I arrived at the top station of the cable car in multiple layers.  For a moment, so many layers didn’t seem necessary; then I stepped out of the shelter of the cable car building and the chilly wind struck home.  

                                            Cold blue sky

The cable car had been quiet, but the local skiers had slipped onto the mountain via Grund and the day was busy, far too busy until the early afternoon.

A very cold, very busy day brought 8,540 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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