Still cold, no wind

It was another cold day on the mountain, but much more tolerable than yesterday.  The difference was the wind, or lack of it.  It turned up for a while in the afternoon, but was never like the chilling conditions of the day before.

High season is still with us.  The U.K. half term holidays have finished, but there are plenty of continental skiers here and it looks like a busy few days ahead. Western Europe plays like the old days, before the pandemic.

                                      From Tschuggen 

The weather looks set fair for the next few days, with more sun and cold temperatures. Some early starts are needed to beat the crowds.

A perfect ski day, with a few too many skiers, brought 8,420 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 49 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Still cold, no wind

  1. Enjoyed having a catch up read of your skiing escapades within the JungFrau. Hope all is well with you both. My skiline for the year is rather depressing at 0 lifts for 0 vm but maybe that will change in March. All the best to all!


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